How to Prepare revised TDS Return

New Video is now available to see how to prepare TDS return correction statement using SureTDS Correction Return Utility.

Watch this video to learn how simple and easy it is to prepare your Revised TDS Return using our correction utility software. The new Correction Return Utility has the following new features that simplifies the revision process:

  1. Integrated with SureTDS Enterprise 2011
  2. Supports Consolidated FVU / TDS File import
  3. Integrated with Online Service to download the latest Consolidated TDS File from NSDL
  4. Prepare the correction return in 3 simple steps
  5. New checks implemented to prevent rejection of Correction Returns

If you have not yet download the latest Correction Return Utility from SureTDS Updates please do so immediately before filing any correction

Click on the link below to watch video :


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