How to download Consolidated TDS/TCS statement for preparing Correction Returns

As we are aware that we have to use only Consolidated FVU file for preparing eTDS correction returns, we need to follow a process on NSDL website to get the Consolidated FVU File.

Steps to be followed for placing the request of consolidated TDS/TCS statement

  • Login to TAN Registration Account with user id, password and TAN.
  • On successful login, under option TDS/TCS, select “Request- Consolidated TDS/TCS statement”. Request for consolidated TDS / TCS statement can be made for your TAN only.
  • On clicking the aforementioned option, provide details of statement as below for which consolidated file is required:
    • Provisional Receipt Number of regular statement
    • Form no.
    • Quarter &
    • Financial Year
  • On successful validation of the above details, two questions related to the TDS/TCS statement requested will be asked as a part of verification.
  • On successful verification of answers to the aforementioned two questions, request number will be generated and the consolidated TDS/TCS statement will be e-mailed to the user on the email ID provided on TAN registration within 24 hours.
  • Consolidated TDS/TCS statement will be available only if correct answers are provided to the questions for verification.
  • Two attempts within a day will be provided to correctly answer the verification questions.
  • In case of two unsuccessful attempts within a day for the same statement, request for such statement can be placed on next day.
  • In case of large number of records in the TDS/TCS statement requested, the statement will be split in multiple files owing to restriction of mail size.
  • In case TDS/TCS statement is split in multiple files then each file will be sent by separate e-mail.
  • Consolidated TDS/TCS statement provided will be in compressed form.
  • Extension of the consolidated TDS/TCS statement will be .tds
  • In case of single file, extract the content of the file by providing password to the file.
  • In case of multiple files, merge the files using File Merge Utility and then extract the contents of the merged file by providing password.
  • After extracting the consolidated TDS/TCS statement, import the same in the SureTDS Correction Return Preparation Utility for making any correction.

The facility provided by NSDL will go a long way in helping deductors file correction statements in organized and better manner. The process of registration is simple but considering security every mail attachment from NSDL comes with password protection. This will require deductor to keep track of TAN registration number till it is activated. The process of placing request for consolidated statement , again is little complex for the sake of security.

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