Download Latest TRACES PDF Converter Utility – V1.1L

Finally, considering all the problems related to download of TRACES PDF Converter Utility, department has now released a smaller & updated version of the utility.

This new version has a smaller footprint, fast & also supports Digital Signatures.

Users are requested to please download the latest version from the link below.

Download TRACES – PDF Converter Utility V 1.1L

This version also does not require complicated installation procedure. Just extract the zip file to desktop and then double click on the file “RUN.BAT”

Windows 7 users will need to run this file by the using the option to “Run the file as Administrator”. This is available when users Right Click on selected file.

It is suggested that while downloading FORM 16A/16, use the BULK PAN DOWNLOAD option at the bottom of the page. This will allow to download all FORM 16/16A for all deductees for selected financial year and quarter.

Happy Downloading & Converting !!

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